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An Overview Of Keno

An Overview Of Keno

Keno is in the same game family as the lottery and bingo. Compared to other games, Keno offers the best payout with the least amount of risk. It’s a simple and exciting game where the player can really just sit back and relax.


There are several stories as to where the game originated. The common consensus is that it began in China around 200 B.C. It’s theorized to be a game that was created to help cities prosper during times of war when supplies and food were limited. As a result, the game helped numerous cities and spread through China. Skip ahead to the 19th century when Chinese migrants came to the United States to work on the railroads. In addition to their labor, they brought Keno.


It’s played across the world in casinos, lounges, and betting parlors. It’s also available in gaming communities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City while you eat dinner or even while you play other betting games. Within land-based casinos, there are Keno Runners that take your ticket and place the bet for you. Once the spin has completed, they will report back the results. They can even collect your winnings and hand-deliver them.

The televisions within lounges or other areas that offer Keno will display the numbers on the monitor which you can compare to your ticket. Another prevalent form of Keno is online as a video.

The Rules

The rules of Keno are fairly straightforward; select between 4 and 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Players also have the option of playing multiple tickets with multiple wagers to improve the chances of landing a winner. In order to play simply take a ticket found in the lounge area or at a table. Mark the numbers according to the amount of money you want to wager.

Once completed, hand the ticket to a Keno runner who will wait until the following round of gameplay. If the balls are dropped onto your numbers, you’ll collect the winnings according to the odds of each number.

Game Differences

Many online or video Keno games have a minimum bet of five cents. On the other hand, land casinos require a minimum bet of $1 per ticket. Also, different casinos have different payout structures in the chance that you win. Additionally, the type of ticket determines the amount won. If the game is progressive, you can win a great deal of money for a dollar bet. House edges also vary but are around 30 percent.
Keno has a long and rich history in which it was passed down through wars and halfway across the world to become a popular betting game. It’s exciting to play and easy to win, especially if you have lady luck on your side.

How To Choose Where To Play Pai Gow Poker

How To Choose Where To Play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a poker game of Asian origin with rules similar to regular poker. The player is dealt seven cards with the object being to make the best five-card and best two-card hands. Pai Gow Poker follows the normal poker hand rankings. All players compete with the dealer and must have a higher hand ranking with both hands in order to win.

The Skill Factor

With Pai Gow Poker being one of the few games available online where the player makes a decision rather than a bet, the popularity has significantly increased. The key to winning is balancing the two hands to give the player the maximum chance of a victory. For this reason, many online casinos have added this game to their repertoire. With so many gaming sites offering Pai Gow Poker it can be difficult to decide which is best.

The Evaluation Period

Many players only register at one casino and stick to that. They usually stay because of promotional items and bonuses. This puts them at a great disadvantage and results in lost money over time. Most players like to register at multiple casinos to evaluate different games and play with different types of patrons.

What To Look For

All Pai Gow Poker games are the same; the rules and payouts don’t change. However, there are two primary subtle differences, the house way, and the commission. The house way allows the player to split their hand into two. The advantage is an optimum splitting of the cards; the disadvantage is that it eliminates the skill aspect from gameplay. This is optional and should be used by first splitting the cards in your head, then taking action.

The second requirement relates to the commission taken by the house, which is generally 5 percent. For instance, if you win $1, the casino pays out $0.95. Some online casinos implement a minimum commission. For example, If you win $1 and the commission minimum is $0.25, the casino only pays out $0.75. Therefore, you’re winning less with those requiring a commission minimum.

Pai Gow Poker can be exciting and requires skill to master. Part of that is the ability to select the proper casino that maximizes your skills and winnings. This is accomplished by finding those casinos that offer the house way rule and do not have a commission minimum requirement. Finding a casino offering these two tips will help you maximize your earnings.

A Review Of The New York Games Of Chance Law

A Review Of The New York Games Of Chance Law

The New York State Games of Chance Law has found that games of chance are exploited by professional gamblers, commercial interests, and promoters. Consequently, the licensing and regulation of these types of games are regulated, controlled, and monitored closely. Also, the laws that control games of chance must be strictly enforced to discourage the commercialization of all forms of gambling.

Specific Locations

This law however does grant every area in the state the power to authorize games of chance to specific organizations within the limits of the location such as found on a Native American reservation. In order for the town to adopt the authorization, the board of trustees of the village must support a resolution that issues the licenses for such games.

The Board Of Trustees

The board of trustees has specific powers once the authority is granted. First, they have the ability to supervise all games of chance licensing and to change the rules for licensure. Next, they are able to conduct an investigation of the licensees for violations of the games of chance licensing law. Also, they can review all determinations of the department issuing gaming licenses. This includes revoking licenses that do not meet standards.

Furthermore, the board of trustees has the right to hear all appeals of license revocation or suspension. Additionally, the board has the power to carry out an ongoing study of the current games of chance law. The supervision of the distribution of money derived from these games by organizations not licensed falls within their jurisdiction.

Identification numbers to authorized applicants will be issued by the board; assuming the organization satisfies specific requirements. Finally, the board can approve and establish equipment for the games of chance. This ensures that the distribution of this type of equipment only goes to authorized organizations.

Shipments Of Gaming Equipment Into New York State

This law also covers the shipment of gaming equipment, with the exception of slot machines and other coin-operated equipment. It requires registration, recording, and proper labeling which is the responsibility of both the manufacturer and the gaming organization. Assuming these rules are followed, gaming equipment can be shipped into the state of New York.

The Games of Chance Law does not restrict games of chance being played within New York. Rather, it simply regulates every aspect of it to ensure it’s not exploited. By following the various regulations this law enforces, many Native American tribes have been able to greatly profit from games of chance.